Amalfi Coast – A Magical Weekend In Naples

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The Travel 2

The Travel 2

Rose and Sam, or if you wish, The Travel 2, are the only travel bloggers and vloggers in Malta. A budget travel couple, helping you to plan your adventures, and motivating you to get out there and travel!

Expectations. Also known as cruel, heart-wrenching traitors that more often than not, disappoint us. You see, I had loads of expectations for this trip. It’s that place where you had long wanted to visit, had a desktop photo, Facebook background and had Googled the place several times. But then when you finally get to visit… It is as magical as you expected it to be. This time round I was not disappointed. Naples, particularly the Amalfi coast, is the dream!  

Arriving in Naples

Flights from Malta to Campania’s main city are quite cheap. We went with Ryanair, so we flew directly to Naples International Airport. The Amalfi Coast is quite a seasonal sensation and thus, flights tend to be more frequent after  the Easter period. Once the festive season ends, it is officially open season around Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano’s area.
The flights to Naples were actually my Christmas gift from Sam. Naples is quite reachable to us, due to its close proximity to our  home country.

If you are reaching Naples from another point in Italy, I suggest you have a look at Trenitalia’s schedule. Italy is well connected via trains. If you’re not a train person, you can always fly to Naples’ airport.

Piano di Sorrento – Train Station.


Accommodation in Sorrento

We reached our cute Airbnb, in Piano di Sorrento, with the Circumvesuviana. This is a train system with one long route that goes round the Vesuvius, up to Sorrento, and back again.

Our Airbnb’s front garden.


Exploring the Amalfi Coast


With a church and piazza in the middle of the town, I dare say that Sorrento has a typical Italian city centre. There are a couple of cafeterias and pizzerias in the vicinity as well. An added bonus are the views, particularly – Sorrento’s harbour views.

Mount Vesuvius from an amazing road going down to the port of Sorrento.
Mount Vesuvius from Sorrento’s viewpoint.



Since forever I dreamt of doing the drive from Sorrento to Amalfi. This road is featured in many vehicle, fashion and perfume ads, because of its amazing scenery. We decided to take the SITA bus from Sorrento, stopping at Positano, Amalfi and finally Ravello, in that order. You choose where you want to stop/visit, as if you were on a hop-on, hop-off bus. The ticket costed €12 (the ticket was valid for one whole day).

The road from Sorrento to Amalfi is winding, to say the least. Passengers stopped the driver a couple of times to take in some fresh air, before continuing our journey.

Things to do in Amalfi:

  1. Walk along Sentieri degli Innamorati, from Spiaggia Grande to the beach of Fornillo.
  2. Visit the city centre, and Amalfi’s duomo.
  3. Enjoy ice-cream or fried anchovies from a local shop.
  4. Walk to Lunarossa parking space (easily found on Google maps). Walk along the underground, poorly lit passageway and take the lift to “Cemetrio”. This is actually a lift for locals to reach their houses! As soon as you get out of the elevator, you find one gorgeous view.
  5. Eat at Bar Della Valle, a more genuine, less touristy place. We had lunch there. Spaghetti with tomato sauce, anyone?!
A beautiful example of Italy's finest - Cars and Cathedrals
An Italian Icon – The Fiat 500 and Amalfi’s Cathedral.



Positano is as picturesque as you think it is. There is only one beach, however, staircases and linen shops are abundant.

Things to do in Positano:

  1. Enjoy a walk at the city centre. Go through narrow roads, and get lost in twisty staircases. Keep in mind that if you’re heading downwards, you will most probably end up at the beach, and if you go up, you will probably find a spectacular viewpoint.
  2. Enjoy Positano’s beach.
  3. Window shop or buy yourself some lovely linen shirts and dresses.
  4. Have an aperitivo or coffee, while taking in the breathtaking views.


Positano’s stellar sunset views.



If you’re visiting the Amalfi coast, make a quick detour to Naples. Naples has the largest historic city centre in Europe, and you should also know that it was a monarchy for a long period of time. You will quickly understand this when you go to Piazza del Plebiscito and see past governors carefully aligned around the huge square as if they are still watching over it.

Galleria Umberto the first. Italian Architecture at its best.
You must visit Galleria Umberto I, in Naples. 


Amalfi Coast Tips


We found these apps really helpful during our stay:

Transport: MOOVIT

Amalfi tour: Visit A City


Circumvesuviana and Naples’ Metros & Train Stations

Keep your belongings close, preferably under your clothes or in a safe place. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings, and do not make it obvious where you are placing your purse or cell phone. Unfortunately, trains and strain stations are prone areas for pick-pocketing and petty thefts all around the world, and Naples is no exception.

Even though the Circumvesuviana looks queer and shabby, during all our train rides there were a large number of tourists using this train system. I don’t know if this makes the Circumvesuviana safer or not, but amidst the graffiti-sprayed trains, and theft stories, we personally felt quite safe.

Rose being Rose in Positano.

Visiting The Amalfi Coast – When To Go?

Go before or during Easter time, or after September. We visited the Amalfi coast just before Easter, and buses and main attractions were already seemingly full. The Amalfi coast is a seasonal destination, and many flood the area during summer. Our guide in Pompei repeated several times that we were lucky be, because if it was summer, we wouldn’t be able to experience as much as we did – mainly due to the crowds (and also the hot weather)!


TOP TIP – Amalfi Coast Holiday

If we had to visit the Amalfi coast again, we would definitely experience Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi by boat. It definitely costs more than hopping on a SITA bus, but paying a few extra € is worth the experience.
Why would we opt to go by boat, instead of the bus, you may ask. Here are some pros and cons of travelling by boat around the Amalfi coast.

1. Winding roads. – I’d much rather prefer to have a smoother journey, rather than spending one and a half hours zig-zaging around.
2.  Awesome shots. – You could get some awesome shots from the road joining the Amalfi coast – if there were a safe spot to stop, that is. Snapping photos from the sea, featuring the cliff-hanging houses, is another thing.
3. Swimming spots. – The area is surrounded by cliffs, which makes it tricky to get to the beaches. Having a boat is an added bonus, because you would be able to access some awesome swimming spots.

1. Travel during the day. It’s when you can take in all the beautiful scenery around you.
2. Book ahead. You basically need to plan ahead from a to z if you’re visiting the Amalfi coast in high season. Booking a taxi-boat is not exception.
3. Luggage. If you’re travelling with a lot of luggage, keep it in mind when you are booking the boat. Weight and space would be limited.

The Amalfi Coast.


Conclusion – Should You Visit the Amalfi Coast in Naples?

We all have that one place we day-dream about. To me this was the Amalfi coast. When I was younger and a budding bookworm, I read a wonderfully romantic book about the typical summer-Italian romance. So yes, I am biased and cannot come up with one solid reason to discourage a visit to Naples and the Amalfi coast!

I say visit the Amalfi Coast. Go, but if possible, not in high season. Charge your camera for some effortlessly stunning shots, devour as many pizzas as you can, and finish off with some lip-wringing limoncello.

After visiting so many different parts and regions, I still find places in Italy that take my breath away and leave me in awe. I seriously love this country.

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The Travel 2

The Travel 2

Rose and Sam, or if you wish, The Travel 2, are the only travel bloggers and vloggers in Malta. A budget travel couple, helping you to plan your adventures, and motivating you to get out there and travel!

Amalfi Coast – A Magica…

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