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Mark Taylor

If you want to apply for Canadian citizenship or retain your citizenship, you need to pass the citizenship test. The purpose of conducting the test is to evaluate the person’s knowledge of Canada. If in case, an individual doesn’t qualify the written test, he or she is called for a face-to-face interview. It’s a chance to answer the questions orally and get the Canadian citizenship card.

Canada is a country with a multicultural society. A routine application may take between 15 and 19 months to get the processed. Moreover, it is not easy to get Canadian citizenship. You will be required to prepare well in order for getting through the process.

Canadian Citizenship Eligibility Requirements

First of all, you need to understand the eligibility criteria to get the Canada citizenship.

In general, your minimum age should be 18. If you are either a guardian or parent applying the citizenship for a child, you need to have some additional requirements. You need to have permanent resident status in the country for minimum four years. You should also be good in French or English and don’t have any prohibitions due to a criminal background.

If you think that you will become a Canadian citizen by marrying another Canadian then you would be incorrect. In that case, you will need to apply for permanent resident status for the citizenship. According to one of the Canadian citizenship service providers in Vancouver, the law of Canada also allows individuals for dual citizenship also.

The Canadian Citizenship Test

Once you think that you are eligible for the Canada citizenship, you need to prepare for the citizenship test. Any person who is between 18 and 54 and meets the basic criteria has to sit for the test. The citizenship test is not only for those who are applying for a new card but also for those who want to retain their citizenship. The objective of the test is to make sure the applicants have the required knowledge of Canada. The questions in the test paper cover the following areas:

  • Elections procedures of Canada
  • Rights and responsibilities of a citizen
  • Canadian physical
  • Political geography
  • Canadian political history
  • Canadian cultural and social symbols and history

You can usually expect the test letter about a month before the actual test. Sometimes, this amount of time is not enough to prepare well for the test. You will need to attempt 20 multiple choice type questions. Each question has four possible answers. You have to find out the right answer straight away.

According to the Canadian immigration department, applicants are required to answer 80% of the questions to pass the test. If a candidate fails the written test, he will be called for an interview which lasts roughly 30 to 90 minutes. A citizenship judge will conduct the interview.

During the interview, you will be asked the test questions orally. The interview gives you another opportunity to ensure that you meet the requirements of citizenship. However, it is harder than the written test. Getting through it on the first attempt is good.

Citizenship Ceremony

If you are able to qualify the test and meet the other requirements, you will be invited to a citizenship ceremony. In this ceremony, you will take the oath of citizenship and be provided with a certificate of Canadian citizenship. You need to bring all the documents such as the original immigration documents and a permanent resident card with you in the ceremony.

Canada Citizenship Service Provider in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the Canada’s largest cities. If you have any problem in the Canadian citizenship application process you should seek help from the Canadian citizenship service provider in Vancouver. The service provider will help you get the things done easily.


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