AI-Powered Concierge App: How to Launch a New Way of Business in 2018–2019

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Kateryna Ganiukova
Passionate about IT world, writing, self-growth, and traveling! I love to explore the world and exchange thoughts with people from different countries and cultures. Got my master's degree in metrology, standardization, and certification. Currently work as a senior marketing and communication manager at software & Blockchain development agency - TECSYNT Solutions (

A personal assistant who works for you 24/7 — it sounds rather tempting, doesn’t it? Dreams of such a helper anywhere you go are transformed into a business idea in many branches, and hospitality is just on its way.

Any of your customers would gladly gain an instant access to needed information, so maybe it’s time to consider a new business idea for your company? An AI-powered concierge app is a right decision — you’ll win hearts of your customers before artificial intelligence conquers the hospitality market. Follow us if you want to know more details and all the benefits.

Concierge Apps and Their Main Types

A concierge app is a software product which serves as a personal assistant app in the travel and hospitality industries. A huge advantage of such solutions is that they give mobile users an access to data and services in seconds. Not all concierge apps are fully AI-powered, and they include person-to-person interactions. But if you want a faster service delivery, choose a complete AI experience.

Exploring the market, we’ve figured out that there are three main groups of concierge apps:

1. Concierge apps serving as hotel receptionists. Such apps can provide customers with any information connected with hotels: it can be price rates or room availability.

2. Concierge apps serving as travel assistants. These apps have all information about the most convenient travel roots and allow users to book tickets for the trip.

3. Concierge apps serving as interactive guides. They are somewhat similar to travel agents except these apps guide you when you already get to the destination point. With such tools, you have info about events and entertainments taking place nearby.

In this article, we’re focusing our attention on the mix of these items because they together deliver a flawless experience to your clients. It is now the most promising direction for the new business beginning, so we’re moving forward with more details on AI-powered concierge app development.

Concierge App Development on the Modern Digital Market

Leading hospitality providers have already realized how important it is to bring a new AI experience to their visitors. Such market warlords as Hilton, Marriott, and HotelTonight have commenced the battle, so AI-powered solutions are currently a burning trend.

With the help of the report provided by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Accenture, we have numbers demonstrating benefits for the hotel owners:

  • $2 billion annually by 2025: this is a promising number for the hotel industry if business owners will pay enough attention to the personalized interaction with visitors.
  • Even $6 billion annually by 2025: if you weren’t surprised enough with the previous number, here’s the higher one. This is the profit that the hotel industry can gain providing an advanced personalized interaction combining it with data analytics.

AI concierge apps could play one of the main roles in bringing hotel owners these great numbers. And when it is all about customers, let’s see what they’d say about concierge tools.

In fact, people really don’t mind using services of the concierge mobile assistant. The research provided by in 2017 contains the information that 46% of customers are very ready to ask their personal concierge some help. And some of the requests may even seem a little unusual at first:

  • 62% of respondents would ask for restaurant reservations
  • 51% are going to ask directions
  • 48% need tickets to visit tourist attractions
  • 25% want their morning coffee to be made on time
  • 17% ask for morning ironing
  • 12% don’t mind listening to a bedtime story.

We didn’t suspect that some of these services may be the need of hotel visitors, and what about you? If you can fulfill all of these needs already, AI is certainly the next step to follow Hilton and Marriott.

5 Reasons to Invest in the New Concierge Application

Let’s sum up the reasons why your business needs an assistant app right now, before AI-powered solutions become a stir on the market.

1. Money and time savings. Building a mobile app, you won’t have to spend extra money, time and, efforts for the employee hiring, training, and salaries. While a mobile instrument deals with all incoming requests from customers, your other employees can focus on other tasks requiring much human work.

2. Customer support on the highest level. As your application is an automated machine, it deals with questions and requests faster than any skillful worker. Guests can get answers in a flash, which will certainly make them happier, and they will likely turn to your services the next time.

3. All customer data in one place. There is no other tool on earth that will collect the data about your customers more efficiently than your concierge app. It won’t forget a thing and will pave the way to the hearts of your visitors. Having these materials at hand, you’ll be able to improve your services (online and offline) and make more accurate predictions about the needs of your guests.

4. Wider audience and more loyalty to your brand. Mobile solutions are available to people all over the world. Having your own app means that your brand becomes more recognizable on the market (especially when there are not many hotels using such apps). Higher recognition in combination with a unique user experience create a cocktail named “exquisite brand loyalty” — the goal of all companies.

5. New revenue source. Your AI-powered concierge tool can eventually become an income source. Luckily, there are many options for you to choose the best monetizing model for your application. And trust us, it will work for your benefit.

We hope now you’re almost sure about creating your own mobile app. Let’s look at the very core of your future tool — the main features that build a positive impression for a traveler.

Top 7 Features of the AI-Powered Concierge App

We’re talking about concierge apps so much that it would be impossible not to mention the row of features that mobile users expect to see in your application. This is what you can offer except convenient booking in the first place.

1. The ability to use a service. Remember those stats with peculiar services that people would like to use? Ordering your services should be in sight with a detailed list of your offerings, prices for them, and ability to schedule a service.

The list of services in the Marriott app:


2. Integration with third parties that will provide your visitors with more services. Local Scene is a service provided by Hilton Honors — ordering an Uber drive with the app, users get recommendations about hotspots in the city. And Fun Finder from the same app contains data about events and special offers nearby.

3. Chatting. Asking certain questions can be an important thing for your customers, so your tool should know some basics of the natural language to deliver the needed information.

Chat in the Marriott app:


4. Customer support powered by real people. No matter how good your app understands natural language, it can’t answer some of the unusual requests or questions. For such cases, there can be a support feature powered by your employees. HotelTonight chose this option over AI chatting; its app communicates with customers via the help of real people:

5. The ability to use a digital key. This is a hot option among the best concierge apps. When a customer books a room in a hotel, he automatically gets a digital key, so he doesn’t need people help to open the door and doesn’t have to wait at the concierge desk. For instance, Hiltons Honors offers this feature to customers:

6. The loyalty program with a personal account. This is another important feature which you can find in each app we’re describing today. It is very important to make your app interactive — mobile users get higher scores and very pleasant discounts with them. It’s up to you how you can reward the visitors who prefer your hotel over other places, but it’s definitely worth adding to your app’s functionality.

7. In-app payments. This feature requires more time to build an app, but your visitors will soon notice how convenient it is to have only one instrument to take care of all booking details. This will surely bring more loyal customers to your hotel.

These are the main ideas for the app’s functionality you’re about to create. With time, you can add some more pleasant things:

  • hotel navigation (if a hotel is quite big)
  • ordering extras like food or pillows to the room (so they could wait for the visitor before he arrives)
  • weather forecast
  • an opportunity for visitors to leave a review, etc.

Making a Trip Unforgettable with a Mobile Phone

The team of TecSynt is pretty sure that unforgettable journeys may start when you’re still at home. It is possible thanks to mobile devices that gladly help you with everything. AI-powered concierge apps are not a thing you hear about on every street corner but wait a few months and see what will happen.

Now is the right time to improve hospitality services with a new mobile solution which is able to fulfill the client’s wishes and predict them when needed. Contact us so we could paint a portrait of your app and then make it real and useful for each of your customers.

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Kateryna Ganiukova

Kateryna Ganiukova

Passionate about IT world, writing, self-growth, and traveling! I love to explore the world and exchange thoughts with people from different countries and cultures. Got my master's degree in metrology, standardization, and certification. Currently work as a senior marketing and communication manager at software & Blockchain development agency - TECSYNT Solutions (

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