Affordable Luxurious Things To Do In Dubai

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Dubai is expensive and a haven for the wealthy, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy affordable luxurious activities in Dubai. Everything is bespoke luxury in Dubai, from its 5-star hotels and resorts to its amazing experiences. Given that, Dubai is still one of the best places in the world where you can find great deals on dining, accommodation and pampering. In short, if you know where to look, you’ll find plenty of affordable luxurious things to do in Dubai.

Splurge on Alcohol In The Airport Duty Free

You know that not only is alcohol notoriously expensive in Dubai, but you need a license to purchase some. But did you know that when you purchase alcohol at the airport’s duty-free, you can shave of 30% of the cost? Yes. Pick up four litres of wine or spirits, or 48 cans of beer, and walk away paying less than you would have elsewhere in the city. The price you pay is reasonable, and comparable to other duty-free airports in the world, and you might think you’re not winning anything. However, when you compare the prices of alcohol within the city, you know you’ve scored big if you pick up your alcohol needs in advance.

Luxurious Affordable Brunch at Q43

One of Dubai’s long-standing traditions is the Friday brunch. It’s a four-hour, eat-and-drink-as-much-as-you-can sittings. You’ll find the top restaurants at Dubai offering magnificent spreads at jaw-dropping price tags. Ignore those. Visit Q43 Brunch in Media One Hotel on Friday, and enjoy an amazing spread for no more than AED 350 per person. Plus, you get to enjoy spectacular views of the Palm Jumeirah Islands from the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows. A Friday brunch is one of the best things to do in Dubai when you’re there.

Purchasing Affordable Saffron

What could be more luxurious than saffron? Ounce per ounce, this incredible spice is worth more than gold. Here’s a way to snag it for less – at the Spice Souk in Deira. Haggle for your ounce and walk away with an affordable fragrant package of premium Iranian Saffron that’ll delight you for years. The cost won’t be more than AED 10 for a gram. If you can manage it, you can pick up some of the world’s best saffron as souvenirs for your friends back home. They’ll appreciate it so much more than any other gift you’d get them from Dubai!

Purchase Designer Clothes on the Cheap

True luxury is about what you eat, where you stay and what you wear. Want to go the full length? Dress yourself in YSL, Christian Dior, Hermes and Salvatore Ferragamo outfits, without breaking the bank. Visit one of the monthly pop-up concept sales at a site such as Look up physical stores that sell pre-loved designer clothing and bags and you’ll see Dubai’s most avid shoppers there. The pre-loved designer clothing and bags you can pick up at Dubai will be of much greater quality and in better condition than anything you can buy outside. The reason for this is that Dubai’s residents and expats are incredibly wealthy and can afford to shop for designer stuff frequently. So you can get designer luxury at affordable rates, and easily so.

Fly and Stay Like Royalty

Winter is peak tourist season in Dubai so everything will be more expensive. Want cheaper flights, even affordable first class seats? Then fly during summer. The only downside is that summer temperatures reach 41°C and more. You’ll get to enjoy incredible discounts on UAE airlines and hotels. At hotels such as the five-star Fairmont The Palm, you can actually enjoy discounts of 34% off or more during summer. Watch out late deals on airlines during early summer. Watch the rates go down and grab them when they’re the lowest.

Land Like Royalty

It’s tiring to land at an airport, stand in a long queue for passport control, then your luggage and then the taxi queue. Forget about all that. For a small fee, you can skip all the queues with y our personal escort service, Marhaba. Marhaba can fast-track you through the immigration queue, and what’s more, you get your baggage delivered directly to your hotel. That’s landing like royalty.

Find Luxurious Options Via Mobile Apps

Make use of all the travel deals you can get your hands. Download these apps – The Entertainer, Visit Dubai and the Dubai Calendar. To chance upon fabulous food events and affordable luxurious brunches, keep the Foodiva App handy. Update your Groupon location to Dubai, and leverage the many offers in the city.

Book Tours in Advance

Want to enjoy the fabulous views from the Burj Khalifa’s At The Top observation deck for less? You can, if you book early enough. Want to enjoy a luxurious and decadent afternoon tea at the Burj Al Arab? You can – again, book in advance. Tickets on the day of your visit can be up to four times more expensive, whether you’re visiting the Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Frame. The trick is to buy online weeks or months ahead of your visit, and enjoy these amazingly luxurious experiences affordably.

Personalize Your Shopping

Dubai has so many malls and so many varieties in everything, it’s mind boggling. Even experienced shoppers can get confused and waste money buying duplicates. So here’s what you do – book your stay in summer, at a hotel which offers personal shoppers for free. A personal shopper is a truly bespoke luxury experience. He or she will navigate you deftly towards the best deals. The Mall of the Emirates has over 560 designer brands and the Dubai Mall has more than 1,200 shops and boutiques. You’ll be grateful to have a personal shopper. If you want the best out of this deal, time your visit to coincide with the Dubai Shopping Festival. Leverage the existing incredible deals all the better with the help of a personal shopper.

A Day at the De La Mer Day Spa

What’s the point in visiting Dubai if you don’t enjoy a day of pampering at a spa? Spa visits are expensive though. So how do you get to enjoy a day of pampering without bleeding your purse dry? Visit the De La Mer Day Spa on Jumeirah Beach Road and enjoy luxurious spa treatments at affordable prices. This women-only spa is located within a converted villa. The spa treatments are all organic, including the famous Voya facials and the body wraps. You won’t be spending a huge bomb, and you can pick and choose the treatments you want and save more money. A spa treatment in Dubai is one of the top luxury things to do in Dubai


As you can see, Dubai is chock-full of affordable luxurious things to do. Before you visit the city, list out all the things you want to see, do and buy while in Dubai. Then figure out ways to save money on each of the items on your list. We’re not talking about budget travel here – we’re talking about enjoying actual luxurious experiences at relatively low prices. It’s possible. Do it.

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