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I have some very good advice for all considering using aesthetic medicine to improve their appearance, whether it be botox, fillers, natural alternatives ect.  Look at this process as improvement not change.  Try to look like your younger self, but not somebody else.  When going to a consultation, bring a photo of your younger self – mid to late 20’s and aim for that sort of improvement as wanting to look like somebody else is to high an expectation and can bring disappointment.  Any self respecting, ethical aesthetics Doctor would not want to drastically change somebody to look completely different.  If you want this, things could go horribly wrong and you could end up looking quite bad.  Always research your Doctor, look for their qualifications and background and if they’re registered with a medical body.

Never go to a NVQ3 qualified beautician for injectables.  (I was once offered Carboxy at a London Clinic to rejuvenate my eye area.  It was essentially injecting CO2 gas around the eyes.  This raised alarm bells, so I did some research.  Carboxy is not FDA approved in the UK.  When I asked the Clinic Director for the name of the Doctor or Nurse injecting to research the qualifications and experience, she told me that she was the injector and she was NVQ3 qualified as a beautician.  I politely declined her offer.

Firstly it was dangerous; she was not a qualified injector and I could have been blinded if she hit a blood vessel, secondly; it was not FDA approved in the UK, even if she argued it was in Italy so essentially it was illegal.  I of course asked opinions of Doctors and they totally agreed with me, in fact they had never heard of Carboxy until then!)

So the key things to think about when considering the aesthetic route are; choose somebody qualified in aesthetics and medically qualified to inject such as a Doctor, Nurse, midwife ect.  Research your chosen expert for qualification, background, experience and any medical body they belong to.  Also ask to see examples of their work.  Always have a consultation before having a procedure and don’t have unrealistic expectations as trying to look like somebody else will not work.  Try to bring a photo of your younger self and aim for improvement instead of drastic change.  Things like the nose can always be improved with fillers to straighten and PDO threads to slim.  PDO threads can be used on the face, jaw line and body too.

Botox can be used to relax muscles and smooth wrinkles, but always aim for some movement to keep it natural.  (The frozen, shiny look is not a good one!).  Botox is also good for medical conditions such as bruixsm, hyperhidrosis, migraines and depression.   Fillers can be used to lift and fill hollowness, but don’t overdo it as a pillow face is not an attractive look!  Lip fillers are good if injected correctly and if you are aiming for fuller lips, little and often is better than bigger straight away as you do not want to stretch the skin and end up with saggy lips.

Research your fillers and use ones for the correct areas.  Hyaluronic acid fillers can always be dissolved, but it advised to get them injected correctly in the first place as dissolving agent can also have an affect on your own collagen.  I also think that preparing the skin with a course of machine facials to stimulate the body’s own collagen is a good thing to do to prepare the skin before and fillers or threads and I recommend using a collagen supplement too.  If it is a facelift you are looking for, a thread facelift is good.

I recommend Silhouette Soft threads as it lifts and stimulates your own collagen, there is no cutting effects can last up to 18 months.  PDO threads are good for a brow lift.   An eye lift can be permanently achieved using plasma fusion – PlexR.  PlexR can also be used on any part of the body with sagging, loose and wrinkled skin.  Only do one thing at a time to evolve over time to make your transition to your younger self a smooth and natural one.  Be prepared for any downtime and follow aftercare instruction to the letter.  My belief is to always try a more natural route such as aesthetics instead of surgery which can go horribly wrong and will always leave scars from cutting the skin.

If anybody needs advice on such issues, I am always willing to help as much as I can on my Facebook and Twitter and there are Doctors that I can recommend.  I also have a forum on aesthetics that you can visit. All are welcome.

You aesthetic advice

Do you have aesthetic advice for anyone looking to use botox, fillers, natural alternatives ect? Maybe you have stories and warning that you feel compelled to share? Please let us know in the comment box below!

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