Activated Charcoal: Get Gorgeous Skin With Activated Charcoal

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Summer has arrived a month ago, and the weather is amazing. Plenty of sunny days are upon us, and this summer is sure to be one of the best (aren’t all of them, right?). Anyway, the topic of today revolves around how people prepare for the summer. More specifically, how to get stunningly gorgeous summer skin with activated charcoal.

Yup, that’s right – charcoal. Activated charcoal hasn’t exactly been in the limelight a couple of years back but has since rebounded and become popular. The thing with activated charcoal is that there are a lot of benefits associated with it. Teeth whitening, for example, has recently exploded again and many people are turning to alternative methods of doing so.

The same goes for other things – such as getting the skin you always wanted for summer. Well, you don’t have to look any further than now. Activated charcoal will rejuvenate your skin and surprise you with how useful it is. Therefore, here’s our guide on activated charcoal – the process of getting outlandishly beautiful summer skin!

Deep Cleansing

First things first: You’ll have to clean your skin as good as you can. Activated charcoal isn’t difficult to use (or acquire, especially if you’re looking to create your own homemade activated charcoal products – creams, face masks, etc.) and it’ll keep your wallet nice and thick.

However, if you want a tested product, then, by all means, go for the commercially available ones. Just make sure you read the reviews, so there isn’t any confusion whether or not what you’re purchasing is worth your money and effort.

So, a deep cleanse. Cover the entirety of your face (or other body parts that you want to clean) with activated charcoal (cream will do). Massage it into your skin and, after a while, wash it off. Repeat this process through a couple of days, and you’ll be happy with the results!

Peel-Off Mask

The next step you should do is use a peel-off mask. Peel-off masks are designed to deep-clean your skin and pull out any dirt, impurities, or anything similar. They’re also meant to hydrate your skin and keep it stretchy; just as it should be!

Again, you can create your peel-off mask by following steps you find on various guides. The process is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time.

Once you’ve gotten your peel-off mask, use it as you’d use any other face mask. There are no specifics here so yeah – clean skin with a flick of the wrist (so to speak).


Next, you’ll want to get activated charcoal powder and gently scrub your face. Make sure that the powder is very fine so it doesn’t cause skin irritation. You can make it yourself, but it’ll take some time until the necessary powder is formed.

Additionally, you could use a fine, soft brush for the skin. The process doesn’t matter as much, but you’ll want to use a little bit of pressure to clean your skin completely.


Lastly, we reach the facial. The activated charcoal facial is supposed to act as a skin detox. It’s also hydrating. This is left for the final step as it’ll clear out any leftover particles that the previous three steps may have missed. The process is very similar to the peel-off mask point we talked about earlier. You can make your charcoal face mask as well!


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