noun: soapbox; plural noun: soapboxes; noun: soap-box; plural noun: soap-boxes
  1. a box or crate used as a makeshift stand by a public speaker.
    “a soapbox orator”
    • used with reference to a situation in which someone expresses strong opinions about a particular subject.
      “I do tend to get up on my soapbox about this issue”
What is Soapbox?
Soapbox is a blog with a difference. Its content is created by you, your friends, colleagues, parents, children, siblings, teachers, doctors, partners; everyone.

Take the phrase “I do tend to get up on my soapbox about this issue” as an example. Here at Soapbox, we encourage people to write about what is bothering them; their hobbies &interest; culture, social, economical & current affairs and get paid for their effort.

In essence, Soapbox is a blogazine where you can have your say and be heard.

Get paid?
Yes thats right. Soapbox will pay you for the time it took you to write your well crafted article. We do have a few requirements though.

1) Articles must have the author’s name attached

2) Articles must not be libellous, plagiarized or inflammatory

3) If articles contain facts, they must be checked and referenced.

4) Articles must have between 5 and 9 tags and must have a categories selected.

5) Blogs can be re-posts of previous blogs so long as you (the author) own the copyright.

6) The payment you receive will be a percentage of the advertising revenue.

7) Authors must get a minimum of 500 views per months before they are able to get paid.

8) Authors must have Paypal to receive payments.

9) Soapbox is not responsible for the views of any authors

How does payment work
Soapbox will pay authors each month only once they have hit an article with a minimum of 500 total views per month. Once you have the 500 views, you will start to receive a percentage of the advertising revenue in relation to how many views your article received when compared to the total site views.*

Here is an example. John has strong views on the UK political system and decides to write an article.


John shares the article on his social media and gets 600 views as well as many comments. In this example, Soapbox’s advertising revenue pot for this month is at £100 and the total views are at 1200. This means that John has generated 600 views out of the total 1200 views and will get £50.

*Payments will be made via PayPal only on months that advertising revenue is generated. Payments will only be made to qualifying authors via PayPal


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