9 Tips To Have An Amazingly Productive Day

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Jennifer Sanders

Jennifer Sanders

Jennifer Sanders is a writer and an editor from London. She loves sport, to listen to music, and to communicate with different people. Find Jennifer on Twitter and Facebook.

As I grew up, my daily to-do list became longer and longer. I started having new responsibilities, like paying the bills or not forgetting to buy cat food. And, like any other human being, I hated checking some of my tasks.

But, this forced me to start thinking about my lifestyle and ways of becoming more and more productive. I have discovered some simple but amazing tips that helped me achieve more and have time for myself at the same time. Are you wondering what these might be? Let’s find out!

Have Breakfast Like a King

I think that this is one of the most well-known sayings: have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. I cannot say that I agree with the saying in its whole, but I think that at least the beginning is a good piece of advice.

I was talking about that huge to-do list to accomplish every day. For that, you need energy. And one of the best sources of energy is food. I was so astounded when I found out how many people skip breakfast.

The most important thing about breakfast is that it is not only a source of energy, but it is also good for your health. So, if you are among those people who skip this so important meal, start replacing this bad habit with a new one.

Start by eating something light and you will see that, as time passes by, you will feel the need to add more satiation ingredients to your meal. And so, your energy level will rise, and the productivity will kick in more often.

Organize Your To-Do List

Depending on your personality type and your way of organizing things, you might not like to-do lists. I also noticed that this way of organizing my tasks is a little bit overwhelming at times. So, I started scheduling everything on my calendar.

And the best thing about this is that the calendar also acts as a reminder. You can also use your code of colors and everything will become more appealing and eye-candy. Your whole perception on a to-do list will be completely changed.

Set Your Priorities

I have noticed that if I overthink, I often concluded that every single task on my list is important. And, in most cases, overthinking does not do any good.

Decide what tasks are the most important for you. Do not overwhelm yourself with all kind of unnecessary or nonurgent tasks.

Don’t forget that your wellbeing and your health are some of the most important aspects of your life. You can use the Eisenhower Matrix to organize your tasks by urgency and importance.

This trick will help you increase your productivity level and sort out your tasks. You will be surprised by how many tasks you can skip today.

Keep Away Any Distraction

In the last two years, a new concept has entered our vocabulary: deep work. What does this mean? There are many principles and advice that introduce you to deep work.

One of them is about keeping away any distractions. This includes your phone, your laptop or tv. Find time in your calendar to focus on the most important things, without any distraction.

No checking your Facebook or Instagram account, nor your messages on WhatsApp. Dive into your mind and for some hours per day focus on the most important tasks.

Using social media frequently affects your imagination, creativity or thinking outside the box. Find some time for yourself and enter the flow state.

Limit Your Daily Time Spent Working

One of the characteristics of millennials, represented by people aged 22-37, is the frequency of burnout. We often strive for the Besttermpaper and Essay Mama, we want to excel at our work and accomplish great goals.

And we often find ourselves working extra hours and canceling our weekend plans for attending a last-minute meeting.

Burnout affects not only your productivity but also your mental and physical health. Set some deadlines and stick to them.


Organizing my tasks using the Eisenhower Matrix opened my eyes. I have just discovered that all these tasks that were overwhelming me, should have been delegated.

And so, I have discovered some great writing services, some of which are RushMyEssay, nerdywriters and NinjaEssays, which helped me keep my anxiety level under control.

This trick helped me focus more on the most important and urgent tasks and so, becoming more and more productive.

Reward Yourself

In my quest of finding the best tips and tricks for increasing my productivity, I often found myself demotivated. I started reading a lot about motivation and ways of keeping me on track.

Motivating yourself is easy if you learn how to trick your mind. Set some realistic deadlines and stick to them, no matter how hard this might seem.

And, to help you focus, set a reward for yourself if you finish in time. Use simple things that relax you, like watching your favorite series or eating the chocolate you love the most.

Avoid Multitasking

If you think you can do multiple tasks at the same time, you’re wrong. Studies have shown that while you think your level of focus is the same, it’s not.  Your attention is divided, and so, you can miss important things.

Take one task at a time, approach it with calm and with a realistic deadline. Avoid multitasking!

Go Out in Nature

It appears that nobody talks about the importance of nature for your mental health. I have often found myself buried under a pile of papers, with an interminable to-do list and a lot of reminders.

And even though at the start I was enthusiastic, after some time I started to feel overwhelmed and distressed.

Going out for a walk helps you relax your body and your mind. Just walking at least 15 minutes per day, even as a break between tasks, is such a great benefit for you.

And after some minutes of relaxation, you will see how easy will be to be productive.


I have talked about some tips and tricks that will surely help you raise your productivity level. Start organizing and prioritizing your tasks and keep away any distraction to improve your focus.

Do not forget that working on many tasks at once or burnout isn’t good for your health and start replacing these bad habits with new and better ones.

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Jennifer Sanders

Jennifer Sanders

Jennifer Sanders is a writer and an editor from London. She loves sport, to listen to music, and to communicate with different people. Find Jennifer on Twitter and Facebook.

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