9 Benefits Of Opting For Cloud Computing Services

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Cloud computing as word has become so popular that almost everyone would have heard of it.  But very few may understand the implications of the cloud computing. Here some advantages that almost all top cloud computing companies in India claim to provide:

Reduced In House Infrastructure

With the help of the cloud computing, the businesses can do more with less. They can lessen the size of their own data centers or eliminate the data centers altogether. With the reduction in the number of the servers, the cost of applications and the number of staffs can significantly reduce the IT costs without having any effect on the organization’s IT capabilities.

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Pay As You Go

The expenses of the cloud computing are much more flexible than traditional methods.  Most of the cloud computing companies work on a pay-as-you-go model. Thus the customers only pay for the server and the infrastructure capacity only when it is needed. More capacity can be allocated during the peak times. You scale back the extra capacity when it is no longer required. In traditional computing, you’ll have to buy the capacity to handle workload during the peak-hours, but it remains idle for rest of the time.

Fresh Versions Of Applications

In some of the cloud computing solutions, the latest versions of the applications needed to run the business are provided to the customers as soon as they become available. Not just this updates are released ahead of the time as well. It is very opposite to the software that is developed in-house, or that is released only once a year, thus takes a lot of time to roll-out.

Guaranteed Uptime

Most of the cloud providers in the country are very reliable in the services provided by them, and most of them claim to provide a 99.99% uptime. If they have access to the internet connection, they can get the access to the applications from almost anywhere. And some applications may work off-line as well.

Work From Anywhere

The data and the applications are available to the employees, irrespective of their presence and location in the world as long as they access to a reliable internet connection. They can carry their work wherever they go. It means that they can access their working from the smartphones and tablets while discussing something with their customers or visit them in their offices. It brings great flexibility to the users of the cloud application.

Better Collaboration

With the help of cloud, collaborations improve significantly by allowing teams present in the different locations to work together and virtually and easily share information in real time with the help of shared storage. It can reduce the time-to-market and improve the development of the new products as well.

More Cost Effective

As the companies don’t have to get the new equipment and there is no need to build out and operate a data center, they don’t have to spend significant money on the hardware, facilities and other parts of the operations.

Reduction In Operational Expenses

When there is a recession or business shrinks, the cloud computing offers a flexible cost structure thus limiting the structure.

Less Impact On The Environment

With fewer data centers across the world and more efficient operations, it has a far lesser impact on the environment. The companies that use the shared resources improve the green signals.

Wrapping Up

These benefits are provided by almost every cloud computing companies in India, but before finalizing one, you must see the trial of their services and then go ahead with one that meets your requirement the best.


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9 Benefits Of Opting For …

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