8 Brilliant Cleaning Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Verne Johnson

It happens. You’re busy and overworked, and the messes keep piling up. Grass and red wine stains on clothes, pet hair on furniture, build up on tile and grout, and more. And the longer you let it go, the worse and more stubborn it becomes. And there’s another reason to avoid that final showdown with all kinds of messes, because in the end only extreme cleaning products can handle the job, and neither you nor your family or pets are that fond of strong chemical smells and vapors.

However, there is another way to keep your house, kitchen, bathroom, and clothes clean and fresh. If you can clean messes as they happen, they don’t have a chance to build up into Herculean tasks. Using simple cleaning materials that you already have in your kitchen or bathroom, you can quickly remove stains, clean the bathtub and keep your microwave clean and fresh. You’ll even have time to clean your outdoor garden furniture.

  1. Grass stains

A simple, non-toxic way to remove grass stains from clothing is to use….molasses! Just cover the stains with molasses and rub well. Soak for a few minutes before tossing the clothes in the wash.

  1. Baking

When baking, handling sticky ingredients like butter, honey and syrup can be messy. And so can cleaning up the measuring cups and spoons when you’re done. If you coat the inside of measuring cups and spoons with a little no-stick cooking spray or cooking oil, this will make it easer to measure out the ingredients and to wash up.

  1. Pet hair on furniture

Forget about the lint rollers, brushes and mitts. The best way to remove pet hair is to pull on a pair of damp rubber gloves and run your hands over the furniture.

  1. Red wine

It’s almost a law of nature. Someone will spill red wine on your prized damask Irish linen tablecloth each time you use it. But you can remove the stains with a mixture of liquid dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Before washing, pour or sponge this mixture on the stain, and pre-soak for a minute. Blot the cloth until the stain vanishes, and then wash as you normally would.

  1. Tile and grout cleaner

If, like us, you don’t want your bathtub to smell of strong chemicals, there are better ways to clean. A mixture of equal parts Epsom salt and liquid dish detergent will clean tiles and grout. Wait a few minutes after applying the mixture, scrub, and rinse. To remove mildew stains, use a mixture of salt and lemon juice.

  1. Microwave mess

An easy way to clean your microwave is to use a mixture of half a cup each of water and distilled white vinegar. Place the mixture in a bowl and microwave for five minutes or until it boils. Remove the bowl when it cools down, and wipe the inside of the microwave clean. Lemon juice can be used in place of vinegar.

  1. Kids

An easy way to clean up after the kids at Thanksgiving or other family holidays is to use a large sheet of brown paper as a tablecloth. Give them some crayons to keep them busy. Cleaning up is as easy as putting the temporary tablecloth in the trash.

  1. Tips on cleaning outdoor garden furniture

For outdoor wicker furniture, use a mild oil-based soap like Murphy’s Oil Soap. Mix with warm water and wipe down the furniture with a sponge or soft cloth. Follow up by rinsing with the garden hose. You can prevent dirt from collecting in the nooks and crannies by hosing the furniture every few weeks.

Once you know how, cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. With simple ingredients that you can find easily around the house, you can keep your furniture, kitchen and bathroom clean.

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8 Brilliant Cleaning Tric…

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