7 Cardio Workouts That Help Lose Your Belly Fat

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Do you ever look down at your belly and just grimace? Do you wish that your extra, spare tire could simply go away? Then you need to start working out more. Cardio workouts are, by and large, the best place for you to start with. Not only is it perfect for knocking off a comical amount of your belly fat in a short space of time, but it’s great for your general health.

So, if you are intent on enjoying your workout, then you should definitely look to take part in some of the following cardio exercises. Used correctly, they could make an almighty difference to your quality of life in the short-term and the long-term.

1.    Sprinting

One of the best places to start when you want to get into top shape, though, is with the help of a sprinting exercise. Sprints are often your most useful friend when it comes to getting into the cardio ‘industry’ as well. Since they can be done with a pair of shoes and a section of flat ground, finding a location to sprint at can be pretty easy.

You’ll want to get some kind of timing solution, too, so that you can see the improvement in your sprinting as time goes on. Sprinting, though, is excellent for moving on excess body fat. If you wish to start making positive improvements to the way that you feel physically on a daily basis, then sprinting is probably one of the best places for you to start.

It’s easy, simple and, when done right, brilliant for busting off old belly fat.

2.    Eat the healthy types of fat

When people say that they are cutting fat out of their diet entirely, they are often doing the wrong thing. You want to cut out the wrong types of fat, whilst keeping the good stuff: fat is good for our body. When consumed from the right sources, our body can use fat for a lot of positive things.

You should look to cut out on your intake of saturated fats, as these are the fats most commonly associated with our stomachs growing. You should instead look to try and take out things like full-fat dairy products and bring an end to your intake of processed meats. It’s tough, but you’ll need to do it.

You should look to eat leaner fats from low-fat dairy goods and also lean cuts of meat, such as turkey or beef. Healthy fats can only be found in products like olive oil, fatty fish and also nuts. If you wish to start caring for your body properly, then you will find that this is as essential as any exercise that you do.

3.    Cycling

Another good starting point for physical exercise is go to a cycle. I can hear you saying now that you can’t, as you live in a high-traffic area with little greenery to enjoy. That’s a fine, and perfectly, the valid, excuse. However, if you buy one of the stationary fold-away bikes, you can use it at home and make sure you always have access to a cycling accessory that feels excellent to use.

If you do this, then you are much more likely to enjoy a cycling experience that feels perfectly suited to your needs. Cycling, therefore, is easy to do whether you buy an actual bike or a cycling tool to use at home. Cycling, though, is perfect for burning off belly fat.

4.    Elliptical

You should look to use elliptical machines as they can produce a strong, steady experience. You can use this to help burn off a lot of stomach fat, especially as you just enjoy the steady pace that you go at. Mix up the speeds, of course, but for the most part, you can use an elliptical machine and enjoy the wider experience without wear and tear.

These are good for making sure that you can enjoy a nice variety of exercises, too. Simply sticking to things like cycling might not be as good as you would want, so it’s important to adjust and have variety.

5.    Do high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

HIIT training is the best way to burn off a lot of belly fat in a short space of time. This is because you go through those short burst intervals with small breaks in-between. They are typically great for the body, and will really help you to push yourself to the limits physically.

One reason why many people choose to go for HIIT sessions is it allows them to really feel the burn. Going for a steady exercise pace often results in low performance: HIIT forces you to give 100%, thus seeing results.

6.    Jogging and brisk walking

Of course, few things will beat just going for a nice, steady, brisk walk. If you choose to do this, then you should start to feel a lot of positivity from the walking experience as a whole. On warmer days, you could go for a little jog instead. It’s all about working different muscles as you would on a bike, for example, which is essential to improving your long-term fitness and physical conditioning.

So, be sure to go for a jog or a brisk walk on a daily basis – it’s also good for the mind as well as the body.

7.    Circuit training

Lastly, circuit training is a useful way to start burning the body fat off in a short space of time. It’s an aerobic-heavy form of exercise that is sure to work body, spirit, and mind in equal measure. You’ll be going through a flexible workout program that is all about performing multiple exercises one after the other, with a small break in-between.

It helps you to vary it up and to keep yourself nice and fresh physically, as well as working for more muscle groups. Done right, the results can be exemplary – and you’ll feel the benefit of circuit training in the long-term.

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