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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well

In the age of advanced communication, the world is getting small by the day. For the vast majority of companies with a web presence, you are no longer competing locally but more often on a global scale. You may often ask yourself “How can I reach more customers?” or “How can I better engage with my mail list?”. Blogging could be an ideal medium for you to reach and engage with your target market. But… business blogs have different rules when compared to personal ones. Often, personal blogs are not pitching a product or service. They are informing, entertaining or expressing views. Your business blog should be able to inform whilst simultaneously pitch your services through your expertise.

The sad truth about this day and age is that whatever content you put out there will very quickly become outdated. Business blogs now have a short window to capture your reader’s attention. To help you get your business blog up and running, here are 6 tried and tested tips for business blogging.

Stick To The 90/10 Rule

This rules is one of the most important. Content that is mostly a sales pitch will be viewed as such, just another sales pitch. The best business blogs are the ones that get saved, re-read, shared and quoted. To get into this golden blogging space, consider using the 90/10 rule. Essentially, have 90% of your blog filled with valuable content that your audience would find interesting. The final 10% can be a sales pitch.

Ditch The Corporate Jargon

Do you enjoy communicating with robots? No? Neither do your customers/potential customers. To be more engaging, write in a more conversational tone. Ask questions that address the reader directly. Ideally, blog posts are not one way lectures. They have comment boxes to help drive a discussion and conversation between all readers.

Outline Your Blog…

…and ensure you stick to your outline. It prevents you becoming irrelevant, stops rambling and speeds up writing & editing.

Use Your Clients For Inspiration

From time to time, your clients and customers will ask you questions. Whenever they ask you questions, consider using each question as a title for a blog. This can be a good way to generate an extensive list of future blog posts.

Stick To A Publishing Schedule

It doesn’t need to be daily. It doesn’t even need be every second day. Plan your posts for regular intervals that work for you and ensure you consider publishing at the right time for your industry. An example of this can be sports and betting articles tend to get more search results on Thursdays and Fridays. Consider publishing on a Wednesday or Thursday to make use of this.

Conduct Interviews On Your Blog’s Topic

This is a fantastic tip if you are looking to create content that people would want to reader. If you can, interview leaders in your industry. If you don’t have access to them or they refuse your offer, how about interviewing your clients. It will allow other people in your market space to see that they are not alone in their issues (if an issue is systemic across an industry) and will give you invaluable market research.

Your Tips For Business Blogs

Do you manage a blog for your business? What challenges have you encountered and (more importantly) how did you manage to overcome them? Based off your experience, what tips would you add to this list? Let us know in the comment box below.

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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well