6 Effective Ways To Inspire Yourself To Give Up Drinking Alcohol

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Drinking beers and other alcoholic beverages have become one of the most apparent vices of many people today. In fact, many people celebrate certain events and things and would not proceed without having drinks in their hands. And sadly, this has become the norm already which causes many to be addicted to drinking.

For some, it can be quite easy to control their drinking habits. Others, however, may find it difficult to live a sober life. As it happens, many attest to living without alcoholic drinks like a real challenge. And in a movement known as sober living Denver, it has been found that the number of people who are becoming alcoholic is gradually increasing in the recent years.

Now, if you think that you are already in the state of becoming an alcoholic but thinking of ways to quit, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the most effective ways that can truly inspire you to give up drinking in totality:

Decide to Quit

The first step to giving up your drinking habits is to simply decide that you are quitting already. When you are already in that kind of mindset, you will notice that every time you take a drink, it will feel unfulfilling and uneasy. And this is a good thing for you.

Just keep in mind that the first step always comes in the decision making. Whether it may be an addiction to alcohol or other vices, making a final decision is the very initial step that you need to do. And without this, it will be really more challenging because you will always tell yourself that time will come. But before you know it, you are more immersed in your drinking addiction.

Slowly Reduce the Intake on Alcohol

Upon deciding, this does not necessarily mean that you need to totally stop drinking. This is because it will just make you more eager to drink more when you stop immediately. Keep in mind that quitting a vice such as drinking alcohol takes time. And you must invest your full discipline, time, and effort in doing so.

Accordingly, the best way that you can do is to slowly reduce your alcohol intake. Little by little and day by day, you will surely give it up. And this has been found to be more effective than the immediate quitting.

Have Food Before Drinking

By and large, people who love drinking alcoholic beverages do not want to fill their tummy up to the brim before drinking. This is because they will end up throwing it all which is a real inconvenience for many. Also, drinking after having a meal is no fun. And any alcoholic person will attest to this.

So, one best way to give up drinking is to eat decent food before having a drink. Once you are full, then decide whether you still want a drink or not afterward. According to studies and research, it has been found that people who feel full after eating a meal change their mind towards grabbing a drink afterward.


Being mindful of your actions is one of the best ways to quit and prevent drinking. Once you tell yourself that you are no longer drinking, remember that what happens after is the biggest and hardest things to do in terms of giving up your drinking habits.

But, when you are mindful of your decisions and actions, it will help you stick to your goal. And the best way to be mindful is to meditate. It will make you and your mind more present to your current movements and activities. Accordingly, this will help you much easier to prevent drinking.

Be With Your Family (They will support you)

If you tell your family that you are already decided to quit your drinking vices, they will certainly help you do it. Your family will surely be your number one supporter in this movement of yours. And this is because they will not want anything that can harm you. So, any decision of making yourself better will definitely be supported by your loved ones.

Additionally, engaging with them most of the time will make you feel more focused in your apparent goals towards your drinking.

Don’t Give Up Yourself

This may seem too cliché but the truth is the best and most effective way to give up your vices is to simply encourage yourself and don’t give up. The truth is – the world has a lot to offer than just drinking and spending your time with alcohol. You must instill the idea that giving up your attachment to alcohol is not giving up yourself. Rather, it’s a reward for yourself.

Now, giving up your drinking habits can be really challenging. But with the right mindset, heart, goals, and activities, you will surely quit this in no time.

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