5 Waterfalls To Visit In The Balkans

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Iva is the owner of the travel blog Iva Says. She is passionate about traveling, sharing her travel experiences on her blog, hiking with her dog, and discovering new places to visit.
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Waterfalls are a popular travel attraction because they are spectacular piece of nature. As we all know, there are great waterfalls in North America, like the Niagara Falls or the Kaaterskill Falls. What most people don’t know is that there are lots of breathtaking waterfalls in the Balkans.

The Balkans is a peninsula in Southeastern Europe that has started to become the go to spot for young nomad travelers and tourists of any age. This because the Balkans have a lot to offer to visitors – endless number of historical sites from the Byzantium, Roman, and Turkish empires, tasty Turkish and Slavic cuisine, and of course beautiful nature.

As no trip to the Balkans can be complete without a visit to some amazing waterfalls, here is our top five list:

Savica Slap (Slovenia)

Waterfall in a shape of the letter A.
Savica Waterfall

The Savica waterfall is a two-part waterfall that the water shapes into the letter A as it falls. This waterfall is in the famous Triglav National Park is Slovenia – you can find the mesmerizing lake Bohinj here.

It takes about half an hour to hike up to the Savica waterfall, but don’t be discouraged. The view to Savica is worth it.

The Great Waterfall (Plitvice Lakes – Croatia)

Waterfalls in a forest and canyon.
The Great Waterfall in Plitvice Lakes.

Plitvice Lakes is actually a national park in Croatia and receives millions of visitors each year. The national park has over 16 lakes to visit, three caves, waterfalls, and numerous hiking trails.

In the recent years, the park became a very popular tourist attraction because of the amazing waterfalls and lakes it holds. The waterfall that became an Instagram sensation is the Great Waterfalls, or Veliki Slap.

As one can guess, the Great Waterfall is the tallest waterfall found in the park. Not only is it the tallest in the park, but it’s the tallest waterfall in Croatia – extending 78 meters high.

Duf Waterfalls (Macedonia)

The Duf Waterfall in Macedonia
Duf Waterfall

The Duf or Dufski waterfall is located in the Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia. The waterfall is a half-an-hour hike from the village Rostushe.

What’s fascinating about this waterfall is the micro climate. During the summer, the temperature is always around 15 to 18 degrees Celsius. Yet in the winter, even though the waterfall freezes the climate causes a freezing rain.

Skradinski Waterfall (Krka National Park – Croatia)

People swimming in a lake near a waterfall.
Skradinski Waterfall

Why you should add the Skradinski waterfall to your bucket list? You can swim here!

Skradinski Waterfall, or Skradinski Buk, is a waterfall located in the Krka National Park in Croatia. Krka is located about an hour and a half east of Plitvice lakes.

Swimming is not allowed to protect the nature and species located at Plitvice Lakes. So, Krka is the perfect place to visit during the hot summer days to cool off with a dip by the Skradinski waterfall.

Blederije (Serbia)

The Blederija waterfall in Serbia.
The Blederija Waterfalls by Aca1555 via Wikipedia

The Blederija waterfall is one of those rare gems of nature that you find in the Balkans. The waterfall is near Reka, Serbia in the National Park Djerda.

Most people don’t know about the Blederija waterfall because it is hidden deep in the forest, but it’s an exceptional natural wonder in the Balkans. The waterfall is 7 meters tall, and it flows into a turquoise-green pool.

I hope you enjoyed this list of beautiful waterfalls to visit in the Balkans. Feel free to add any of your waterfalls below in the comments section.

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Iva Says

Iva Says

Iva is the owner of the travel blog Iva Says. She is passionate about traveling, sharing her travel experiences on her blog, hiking with her dog, and discovering new places to visit.

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