5 Stylish Ways to Look Classy Everyday

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Classy women aren’t extraordinary human beings. Everyone, you included, has it in her to look stylish and sophisticated. All it takes is some dedication, trial and error, and a willingness to set aside some extra time and effort. Engaging in a sartorial enterprise can actually be quite fun. When you finally get the hang of what being fashionable is all about it, you’ll start feeling good about yourself and possibly even turn heads.

To be a chic dresser every day, you need to cultivate some new habits and reanalyze the way clothing looks on you. Here are 5 ways to get you started with making classy dressing a routine way of life!

Dress to suit your body shape and skin tone

There are essentially 4 body types, namely pear, hourglass, apple, and banana. If you don’t already know which one you are, you should find out. For each body types, there are ways to highlight your assets thereby drawing less attention to the other body areas. If you’re on the heavier side, a darker color will give the illusion of you weighing less than you really are.

The colors and shades you choose should also go well with your skin tone. When going shopping, put the dress against your face and see whether it brightens you up or makes you look dull. The colors in your outfit should complement your skin tone as well as each other. Also, make sure the outfit doesn’t overpower you.

Match Dressing to Occasion

Women who take style seriously know how to dress appropriately for the occasion. They are mindful of the dress code of the organization or company they work at and choose their daily workplace attire accordingly. A plunging neckline works for a romantic date but not at a business meeting. When everyone else is conservatively dressed, you don’t want to be the one adjusting your miniskirt.

If you’re not sure about the dress code, ask someone.

Are armed with the right undergarments

 There are so many different types of bras and panties available today. A sophisticated woman knows which type of underwear is better suited for a particular item of clothing.


Under workwear clothing, bras of the nude, padded and T-shirt variety would come in handy. While boy shorts are a “just to be safe” option worth considering under flared dresses that may blow with the wind, a cheeky panty is good to go with your jeans. It is a good idea to see how your underwear looks under your clothing. Visible bra straps and panty lines are an absolute no-no.

Accessorize and do it right

To glam up your outfit with minimum effort, aim to put on at least one piece of well-thought-out accessories. Indeed, a single expensive-looking accessory can elevate your entire outfit to chic, polished levels. Some suggestions for you to experiment about with are a statement neck piece, finger rings, a scarf, luxe bag, funky earrings, crystal bracelet or a leather belt. Even a pair of over-the-knee boots can work magic.

Devote some time to analyzing the cut of your clothes. Are you having on a sleeveless short dressy top or a one-shoulder? Boat neck, V-neck or scoop neck? Taking note of things like this will help you determine the right accouterments or jewelry to put on.

Should fit you well and not appear clumsy

The right fit makes all the difference between you looking great or clumsy. Anything too tight or too loose can work against you as far as looking fashionable goes. Having a good tailor around is one way to ensure that your clothes always fit well and make you look good in them. It is all the better if he is available on speed dial to do last-minute tweaking for you. Even if you are wearing a basic t- shirt, ensure that it fits you well.

To close, here are some additional pointers worth keeping in mind

  • Let go of those sympathies and get rid of those clothes you no longer wear or which do not flatter you in any way
  • A steamer does a better job than an iron on the majority of pieces and is a safer bet for tricky fabrics and silhouettes. Consider it.
  • You can look to Instagram or well-dressed women for inspiration but your eventual aim goal should be to cultivate a style of your own.
  • Dress to match not just occasion, but weather too.
  • Try to plan your outfit the previous day and keep ample time to get ready in the morning
  • Always keep an emergency go-to outfit to hurry off in when you discover a glitch in what you originally intended to wear.
  • Don’t leave your clothes lying about anywhere after taking them off but hang or fold them so that they don’t get crumpled

Who knows you could soon become such a style bomb that people would start looking to you for inspiration!

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