5 Powerful Tools to Improve Communication between Schools & Parents3 min read

A great partnership between schools and parents is an indispensable element of a great academic system. A child’s education is shaped by his/her parents as well as teachers, and for their promising future, it is important that parents remain linked to their children’s school world. It can be done with the help of strong communications tools and channels. Thanks to the tech-savvy world which has plenty of ways to make communication between school and parents better.

Here, we are telling you about a few powerful tools that can be used to improve communication between school, parents, and students.

School website

A website serves an important role in showcasing all useful information about the school, like exams, admission notification, results, homework, events, etc. Websites have come a long way over the years. The way they are designed or used to disseminate information has become much advanced now. A good website is one that supports all other communication tools and is user-friendly. For effective communication, it should be regularly updated.

social websites

Mobile app

Mobile apps have become a popular modern way to communicate with the school, teachers and in some cases students also. Due to their easy-to-use and advanced features, more and more schools are now signing up for free communication app for schools in India. The age of smartphone has induced apps and their use. One can share pictures, messages, files (in all formats), notifications, and documents through these apps. Teachers can create a group of parents and notify them with just a single text. Prompt delivery and fast sharing of information have made school communication apps a powerful tool at present.

mobile apps


Emails may be old but are still an efficient way to connect the school with parents. It is a professional way to address parents individually, and same is true for parents also. At present, most parents have email accounts, and so it allows the school to keep them updated with all the relevant information and details they need. Emails can range from reminders, policies, newsletters, announcements, and registrations. The majority of content send through emails need to exist on the website and can be easily linked to it.


Social media

The use of social media has increased drastically in past few years and has become a strong tool of communication. It is why they can be used very well for school communication. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube are key channels to share any information in few clicks to a large crowd. In addition, any social media tool can be easily linked to other tools and can be shared with multiple peoples. No matter, what media you are using, the main motto should be to encourage sharing. Twitter is also an effective way, especially for daily updates.

social media


A blog is a good way to engage parents and communities. The blogs are not real time, but they offer a great insight to see the learning happening in the classroom, specially created by students. It can also be used as a forum to strengthen school brand, clarify policy, share thoughts, photos, anecdotes and other contents. For better effect, they should be promoted to school website’s homepage and share it on social media. If promoted properly, blogs can prove to be a good tool to boost public confidence in a community.


Before sharing content, it is advisable to examine all communication channel and make sure that all information is queued up in the right channel. In addition, ensure that parents and teachers, both are comfortable with the tools used.

What ways would you prefer schools to communicated with parents?

Do you have an idea or new way for schools to communicate with parents? Let us know in the comment box below.

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