5 Key Legal Technology Solutions to Improve Your Firm’s Efficiency

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Business consultant/marketing analyst based in Sydney. Editor in chief at BizzmarkBlog

In spite of constant technological development, many law firms still handle their documentation manually and face many unnecessary risks during this slow and inefficient process.

On the other side, in an effort to be effective and cut costs, companies are trying to find innovative solutions, such as automated non-disclosure agreement or introducing AI-powered software into the legal sector.

Here are five key legal technology solutions which can help you ensure higher legal work efficiency while reducing costs, providing better customer experience, and enhancing security.

Automate forms and workflow

One of the main areas in which new technology may help you optimize your work process is by workflow and form automation.

By implementing such solutions in this area, you will be certain that data entered in the form will promptly find its way to the manager and the person responsible for handling it.

Along the process, assigned users will be notified in a timely manner when there are updates available, as well as alarmed when a certain action is needed. And since all actions are traceable, by automating forms and workflow, you’ll be able to easily generate all sorts of reports.

The first phase of automation will require some investment of time and money, but the results can be seen in less than a year.

Apart from reducing the costs of all the needles paper forms and their manual flow, it will save your employees from wasting their valuable time doing low-value repetitive tasks, thus enhancing overall productivity.

Digital documents

It is of vital importance for the legal firms to protect the confidentiality of their clients, so they can’t risk their clients’ sensitive and private information being exposed.

Since paper-based documentation proved to be insecure, by switching to encrypted and password protected digitized versions of your documents, you can decrease this risk which can cost you a fortune.  

Additionally, an electronic document storage system will make it easier for you to locate and use accurate information. When combined with workflow automation, their work process will run smoothly, while all the sensitive information will remain secure and available only to those involved in the case.

Switching to digital practices of storing and managing documentation can mean saving some time and money for your clients too, since using customizable legal binding contract templates, will let you provide them with quick and tailored service at lower rates.

Online client portals

When practising law, just like in every other business, you need a happy customer, the one who will return and recommend your service to his friends, family, and many others. Technology can help you find ways for timely and more effective communication with your clients too.

One of the best ways to always keep your clients up to date with their case and inform them about the latest developments is by providing them with an insight into every action that has been taken, as well as the steps that still have to be taken.

You can do this by setting up an online client portal, which both you and your clients can access 24/7 and share all the necessary information, keeping everything strictly confidential and well secured at the same time.

A directory of professionals

Having a directory of internal and external professionals at your fingertips will save you valuable time when trying to find helpful resources for the case you are dealing with.

Sometimes it is hard to find the right person with expert skills in a certain field, so having a regularly updated directory which lists the names, contact details, skills, and experience of both the internal staff and external consultants can sometimes be a make-it-or-break-it factor.

Use cloud storage

Using cloud storage for your documentation safe is another technology solution which can grant you higher efficiency, as the needed information will be accessible to your employees at any time no matter where they are.

But, as mentioned many times above, confidentiality is a norm in every legal business, so securing your documents in the best possible way is the most important step which you can take.

Because of their part in the flow of sensitive and personal information, law firms are targets for all sorts of criminal wrong-doings, which also take place in the cyber world in the form of hacking into networks and servers.  

To avoid the breach of confidentiality and its consequences, which can be devastating both for your company and your clients, make sure to use cloud storage to keep your documents safe.

Providers of these virtual strongboxes have enough professional and other resources to fight all the latest threats, with the price being more reasonable and the service more secure than hiring a security guard.

Legal firms, like any other business, strive for success and profit in a very competitive market. Besides hiring top-notch professionals, in order to reach maximum efficiency and make your business grow, you need to create the right conditions for your staff to do their job as fast and well as they can. Switching to a digital office space with automated workflow and documents accessible 24/7 to both your employees and your clients, while keeping data well secured and confidential, are the steps you are bound to take in order to make your law firm trustworthy, efficient, and successful.

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Business consultant/marketing analyst based in Sydney. Editor in chief at BizzmarkBlog

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