The 2017 UK General Election to the Tune of Wonderwall #GE20172 min read

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Anyone who knows me outside of the internet knows that I am a BIG political nerd and someone who unafraid to take risks and voice my opinions even though there are friends and family that will not always agree with me. How fitting then that while driving into work my CD player has Oasis’ Wonderwall playing giving me the ideas of a parody / satire piece. As the UK goes to the polls today to vote, I felt this would be very apt. It all started as just one line at first “and after all, you’re my Wonderwall” becoming “cause after all, the tories need to fall.” So if you can play the song Wonderwall as you read this, I have tried my best to match up the lyrics in my version to the beat and tempo of the song, I wonder if CassetteBoy or Captain Ska would like to take this and make it into a full song for me! stranger things have happened!!


Today is gonna be the day that the voters bring their votes to you.

Right now the Tories somehow realise they’re a pile of poo.

I now believe that Jeremy Corbyn wants to win for you, he’ll do it now!


And all his campaigning has been outstanding.

Theresa May has been left looking dowdy.

There are many things that she, would like to say to you but she don’t know how…


So maybe,
Labour is the one to save me,
cause after all, the tories need to fall.


Might be the word on the front sheet is that Murdochs pulling the strigs now.

I’m sure the papers will ensure that we are all filled with doubt.

I think we need a Labour party, filled with hope and clout, without a doubt.


And all the media is trying to blind me.

They use abhor methods to propagandize me.

So many times I’ve tried to show, the best vote for you to make is for Labour red.


So maybe,
Labour is the one to save me,
cause after all, the tories need to fall

(*to the tune of – Oasis Wonderwall)


Hope you all enjoyed it ?


The 2017 UK General Election

Tell us your opinion of the today’s election. What are your voices of the candidates? What are your anticipated outcomes?

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