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Emma Dawn
Formerly, a travel writer/reviewer who traded in room service and housekeeping for diaper changes and nap times. These days I share my adventures on this journey through life as a single mom.

For most of us, making money as a blogger doesn’t happen overnight. However, there are the special few who get lucky or have the means to invest in their blog advertisements right away. Either way we all have to work for it. The daily grind of creating engaging content, memoing ideas, sharing and boosting our publishings to gain the eyes of the masses, can be a lot to take in. Blogging may sound simple, but it’s more work than some may think. If you are considering becoming a blogger, just starting out, or even a seasoned blogger looking to start profiting off your passion, here are ten helpful tips on just a smidgen of the countless ways you can make money as a blogger.

Find Your Niche or Style – Finding a niche is the first thing most successful bloggers will suggest you do. Personally, I don’t think a niche is as important as a writing style. I tend to have a more authentic voice about whatever it is I am writing about. I write pretty much exactly how I would talk to a friend. Whether I am an expert in that area or not. Some writers choose to blog about things they are experts in (niche) and others, like myself, speak through experiences (style). Whatever your writing style or niche is, make sure your content is consistent, properly researched, and honest. This will keep your viewers engaged and coming back.

Guest Posts – Guest posts are an excellent way to get your name out there in the endless weaves of the interwebs. Whether you are posting on a fellow blogger’s site or hosting content from another writer. Guest posting is a marvelous way to gain exposure. I like to include a short bio about who I am with backlinks to my blog and social media in my guest posts. I even place a photo in my excerpt so people can see who is behind the writing. Teaming up and networking with fellow bloggers who share common interests with you is a great place to start getting your content and name out there. Networking can open you up to collaborations on other projects, an even help you learn of other money making endeavours to partake in. All while boosting your views.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways bloggers and vloggers can make money. There are surprisingly a lot more programs than I ever expected that you can get involved in. I am currently participating in AmazonThe Honest CompanyWal Mart and countless other affiliate programs. Other common retailers you may want to partner with are Target, JCPenney, Macy’s, Zales, even Lyft has a new affiliate program. I am also a advertiser for Rakuten and CJ Affiliate. Rakuten and CJ are both marketing “hubs”. Third party marketing companies that connect brands with writers and creators just like us. I am certain there are more out there. These are just the ones I am partnered with currently. Both marketing companies have tons of brands on their rosters. Affiliate marketing connector companies are a great resource for bloggers. Having access to countless brands all in one place simplifies the day to day aspects of a blogger’s life. Keep in mind third party marketing companies will take a small percentage of your marketing revenue. However, I think it’s totally worth it.

Tailwind – Tailwind has been an incredible resource for myself and so many other bloggers. It has boosted my views by thousands every month. I wasn’t a fan when tailwind first launched, but they have recently made joining tribes and other site functions more user friendly. Tailwind allows you to schedule pins to pinterest and post to facebook and twitter. Along with sharing posts with other tribe members. I am hoping it will soon become a free service, but until then it is an investment option. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Making money as a blogger is all about exposure and Tailwind does just that. Join my Tailwind Tribe here!

Google Adsense – Google adsense was the first ad placement resource I used when my blog grew big enough. Google’s eligibility requirements are not that difficult to meet, so it’s many bloggers and vloggers first step to making money through their site. If you use Blogger or Youtube to host your content those google partners have badges that make it super simple to place and customize ads.

Be Active – Social media may be a hot mess full of chaos and drama, but it can also be an enormous and effective source for sharing your content. Platforms like FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest  and more are all powerful tools for any blogger or vlogger to take advantage of. Facebook groups are great places to share your posts, network, gain social followers, and collab with bloggers who share common interests. Join my Facebook blog share group here.

Hashtags – Social media hashtags are superb for helping people find your content. Make your profile public or if that makes you uncomfortable make accounts or pages specially for your blog/brand. Being active on social media is essential and hashtags will boost your post engagements. You can also request and find sponsorships through hashtags. Hashtags like #prrequest #bloggerswanted #blogreview are popular searches by brands and companies looking to market or expand in the way of the blogosphere.

Media Kit – Media kits are an essential tool for any blogger. New or experienced. This is what you’ll send to companies to show them who you are and what you can offer. This will give brands a glimpse of your writing style and personality. Keep it professional, but make sure your personality shines through. Having a professional media kit will help you enormously in gaining sponsored posts.

Sponsored Posts – Getting sponsored posts can be a bit tricky, but when reaching out to companies just keep one thing in mind, the worst thing they can say is “No”. Most of the time they choose to say nothing at all. Even if they don’t decide to work with you at the moment they cold always work with you in the future. Don’t forget that you offer a service and value yourself in your emails. Having confidence will show through in your communications. I started with reaching out to companies I am affiliated with for products to review. I may not have made a bunch of money, but my son and I have received tons of things for free which we normally would have purchased. In my opinion saving money is the same as making money. Just make sure you are honest in your sponsored reviews and the opinions you share are your own.

Even when the company is giving me product for free or paying for the writing service I provide. I make sure to always be authentic and honest in my posts. I would rather have my readers trust in me and what I say while continuing to come back to my site. Than get paid once for a fake review. Blogging is all about the long term goals. Building trust in your viewers is one of the most important things you can do as a blogger in my opinion.

You can find opportunities through a site called Bloglovin‘. This is a social blog share site much like Pinterest, but for bloggers. Bloglovin‘ has a free service called Activate. This is a place where companies can post ads for sponsored opportunities bloggers can apply for. These ads can be for social media posts, reviews, blog series, website / photo shares etc. Activate is a super helpful service for any blogger looking to make a profit.

Free Product – If all else fails and you never make a dime as a blogger I can almost guarantee you’ll get free products. Getting free products is an easy part of blogging. Making money is more of a challenge. You can sign up with companies such as Mom SelectPinch Me, and IZEA. These are all sites that exchange product for blog reviews.

I hope this was helpful in your journey to becoming a money making blogger. These are definitely not all the resources to make money at home with a blog, just some of the aids I participate in. If you have more helpful blogging resources leave them in the comments below. As always don’t forget to share and subscribe! Until next time thanks for reading.






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Emma Dawn

Emma Dawn

Formerly, a travel writer/reviewer who traded in room service and housekeeping for diaper changes and nap times. These days I share my adventures on this journey through life as a single mom.