10 Of The Top Video Games of 2017

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Today we explore what were our favorite games of this past year. With over hundreds of choices from all the different genres it was incredibly hard to narrow it down to just ten games in total. So without further ado, these were our Top ten pick of 2017!

10. Horizon Zero Dawn


To start off our countdown we have Horizon Zero Dawn.  This massive open world game is not only one of the most beautiful but also one of the best games we had got to play all year. Horizon Zero dawn offers such a vast variety of surroundings from mountainous regions to flat lands. Enemies also range vastly in size and difficulty of take down. With the most recent release of their DLC the game has more to offer as players complete the game and move on from the main story.

9. P.U.B.G.


P.U.B.G. or also known as Player Unknown Battle Ground has had quite the year after its initial release upon the PC. With a highly competitive scene that drives both every day players and pro-players to want to win every time. PUBG has seemed to grow ever more popular by the day and with the newest release being on the XBOX it has opened up to a new player base that only Fortnite had been pleasing. PUBG will surely take the crown and earn itself a chicken dinner!

8. Crash Bandicoot N’sane Trilogy


Good old Crash Bandicoot holds a special place in our heart here at TokyOtaku Hub. This PS1 classic had been remastered in the best possible way. All of the levels in all three of the games have been meticulously redone to be exactly as it was when we were kids. Naughty Dogs did not disappoint with this remake and even released the “never before played level” which seemed to really separate the average player from the experienced.

7. Destiny 2


Destiny 2 brought a lot to the table this year with a rather late release on the PC. Destiny 2 had a rather large world when considering all of the PVP maps and the raid on top of the worlds that are part of the main missions. With both a solid clan system and competitive PVP scene this game seems to have solidified its place in 2017. even without “The Curse of Osiris” this game offers plenty of replay value and more to come with the release of a second DLC.

6. FIFA 18


A simple classic amongst all sports games is the newest addition of FIFA 18. FIFA 18 has some nicely updated graphics, better AI passing and teams feeling more distinct. With such updates the games finally feel as real as possible. Big players and stars feel as if they make more of an impact. Whereas smaller teams require more strategy and teamwork to win games against such monsters as Barcelona or Manchester United.

5. Cuphead

The first to breach our top 5 is the wonderful Cuphead. This game when released had quite the stir up in the gaming community. Considered one of the hardest games of the year as well as one of the most unique. The art style is like nothing else currently on the market. With an old school cartoon feel based on the 50’s it brings a new feel to a very old style.

4. Tekken 7


Tekken is potentially one of the best fighting series to ever be released. Tekken 7 takes the stage with an astounding cast of characters and new story line that also includes several cross overs. The newest release in the series also offers new beautiful graphics, Tekken bowl, and characters from famous series such as Final Fantasy XV, Street Fighter and Fatal Fury. With the world championships coming up this year it will be interesting to see if pro’s stick to the classic characters or perhaps some newer entries in the series.

3. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 +2.5 Remix

Kingdom Hearts has had the king of all remakes done up for their fans this year. A whopping 6 games in total packed into one disk. Kingdom hearts fan can finally get everything they need out of the series before the big release of Kingdom Hearts three in 2018 (supposedly). The re-master of these 6 games offer so much play time as well as a re-master that the US hasn’t seen and didn’t think they would receive. With all this content and hundreds of hours of play time it should be no surprise this game has landed itself a spot in the top three of the year.

2. Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The release of Nintendo’s Switch this past year has had several big titles and it’s no surprise that Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an absolute hit! With a truly open world and hundreds of different armor sets/weapons to be found across this world it makes for quite the game. Newer features added into the game such as temporary stat enhancements via potions, weapons breaking after excessive use and environmental damage add a nice touch to an older series. With the story enhancing the overall game-play and side objectives Zelda’s: Breath of the Wild really brought it all together in 2017.

1. Super Mario Odyssey


You may have guessed it, but the winner for best game of 2017 goes to Super Mario Odyssey. The most recent installment in the Super Mario franchise really knocked it out of the park on every single front. From the expansive worlds to the unreal amounts of moons that you can collect, needless to say that this game will keep you playing for weeks on end. However the main reason we’ve chosen Super Mario Odyssey is because the game just begins once you complete the actual story mode. The player unlocks new worlds and hundreds of new moons to collect. Even some of the hardest gamers struggle to collect enough moons to receive the “secret” ending to this game. With so much to do in game and especially after the main story matched with amazing graphics it’s a no brainer that Super Mario Odyssey is 2017’s game of the year!

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