10 Mistakes New Dungeons and Dragons Players Make10 min read

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Greetings everyone! Karthas here and today I wanted to talk about Dungeons and Dragons. Recently I went over the mistakes that every new Dungeon Master makes, but today I’d like to talk about the mistakes that I see a lot of new players make. I’ve introduced a lot of people to Dungeons and Dragons over the years and I’ve seem some common mistakes that many of them make. So I thought I could help out new players to avoid these mistakes! If you are a veteran player, please let me know the mistakes you see most new players make below in the comments! And if you are looking to get into Dungeons and Dragons you can pick up the books, a good place to start is the Player’s Handbook.

Bragging About How Well You Are Doing

I’ve found that newer players tend to do this a lot and it drives me crazy. Sometimes you have good days and it just seems like the die are rolling in your favor, other days not so much. I can tell you from experience, the dice giveth and the dice taketh away. So don’t let it go to your head, celebrate your success but let it stop there. Don’t brag about it to your party, that does nothing but cause friction within the group. Not to mention you are literally rolling a die, there is no skill involved. It is all luck. And please, PLEASE don’t put the others in your party down when they fail a check or miss an attack. I once had a group who was constantly competing with each other over their kills. They even kept track and would brag to the others about how well they were doing and how bad everyone else was doing. It was quite annoying. Friendly banter is fine, but don’t let it go beyond that.

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